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"La dieta senza lieviti"

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"L'integrazione glucidica pre e intra workout"


Dr. Fabrizio Duranti

Teaches his method

In 2020, the world and all our lives have changed, therefore we need to learn new strategies to live well.


Hmp Academy On-Line

Dr. Fabrizio Duranti, those who know him know it well, never stops studying and updating himself implementing and perfecting his Integrated Method which allows an improvement of our biology, our psyche and our life. Those who will be lucky enough to follow the Academy online will be able to discover the fascinating new studies that enrich his method more and more.

The course is developed throughout 2021 with 18 meetings of 3 hours each.

Three three-hour meetings, a total of nine hours, will be brought together to form a Module, for a total of 6 Modules in a year.

First Module

Vigor Evo Low Fat with amino acid drink and use of Lumen to improve our "metabolic flexibility".

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Fourth Module

Sport & Fitness

HMP: Human Maximum Performance

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Second Module

Pro-satiety drink, the new supplements for the immune system,

Cbd (cannabidiol) and Entheogens.

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Fifth Module

Blood doesn't lie

Why doesn't your blood lie? "Dynamic" reading of your blood tests.

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Third Module

Hrv-Power Evo

Technology Body Control
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Sixth Module

Body & Mind

Brain intelligence and body intelligence: how to balance them for mental and physical well-being.

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By subscribing to the entire course you receive over 80 video recordings of the academic courses conducted.


At the end of each module, a certificate of participation will be issued.


At the end of the six modules there will be an optional final exam that can be taken by those who have participated in at least 75% of the course, after evaluation of their curriculum by the scientific committee.

Those who pass the final test can become an Academic Member of the "Hmp Academy Society" and acquire all the benefits of certified academic members.

Hmp Academy 2021